About Y2Thumb.com

Youtube Thumbnail Downloader Grabber

YouTube thumbnails are similar to cover of a book. It may be better not to judge a video by its thumbnail, but it’s inevitably going to affect traffic.

You want your thumbnails to be clickable, and YouTube just made that possible for anyone who takes advantage.

YouTube Thumbnail is the cover image of your video that helps you to improve your traffic and get more clicks.

So you want to learn how to make cool and good YouTube thumbnails that actually make people want to click on them.

Fortunately, you dont need Photoshop skills, rather you can edit and create great YouTube thumbnails from the comfort of your iPhone & iPad or Android.

Hence we have brought a simple solution for you ie. Y2Thumb.com

Y2Thumb.com provides you the best solution for one-click downloading thumbnails of youtube videos in all size.

Thumbnail sizes that we provide currently are MQ-320x180 HQ-480x360 SD-640x480 HD-1280x720.

High quality thumbnail will be available only if they are provided by YouTube video creator.